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By and Large, (B+L) was founded in 2014 by interior designers, Susan Stott and Jaime Black. The term ‘by and large’ stems from an old sailing term. To sail by and large is to sail a wind that is all consuming. Sailing by and large takes a skilled sailor, just as comprehensive design takes a skilled designer.

For Stott and Black designing by and large means offering an integrated, partnered approach to design, something the two have perfected by virtue of local and international design experience. Both designers believe by taking a multi-disciplinary, all-encompassing approach, enhanced by specialist resources, research and technology, they are best able to capture the core values of their clients in every direction…by and large.

B+L is looking to change the face of design with fresh, new and innovative design solutions. With expertise that covers all aspects of interior design, space planning, styling and technical document creation, Stott and Black are beyond capable. As highly trained design professionals the two pride themselves on creating spaces that link art, graphics, objects and technology in a meaningful and unforgettable way.